Being taught the way I have I try most diligently to provide the best instruction I can through the online environment. Ballet is a very technique involved style of dance and I work hard to provide the best verbal and technical instruction with the utmost care I can to the public. I have been dancing and training for a very long time, and I have a lot of information to provide regarding the aspects of dance training and conditioning. I hope all become inspired and benefit from what you learn from me.


I have always loved ballet and dance; actually I have always been an extremely active person in many aspects of life. The way I got my idea to start doing what I do online was I started following a fitness instructor.  I really liked what she was doing and providing the public, and her exercises are awesome quick and intense, so I decided I should try that too. However, my instruction and conditioning style is different because I focus more on ballet and the information around dance as a form of conditioning. I do provide other forms of conditioning online too, like Pilates and stretching exercises. As a dancer I have always pursued other forms of physical activity on the side because seriously its good to work your muscles in a different way because it helps to keep you strong. So if your looking to keep your body strong, or improve on your technique and ability to pick up different combinations, try my ballet videos on a regular basis, if your consistent you will see a difference. For more information about what I provide click the link on the Services & Experience button.servic