I provide ballet, Pilates, and other types of conditioning videos to help benefit and train new or aspiring dancers. These instructional exercise videos are available for anyone who would like to benefit from the conditioning effects of ballet, and the other exercises provided.




I model and blog about fashion. All types of fashion, examples: Hair, clothes, makeup, nails, wigs etc. These photos and videos are to inspire everyone to love and feel good about fashion.




These videos may be watched and utilized to help benefit anyone wanting to get into choreographing or certain aspects of acting, like comedy.


I am an online ballet instructor who has performed in several ballets in the past. I have also taught ballet in studios and on occasion private lessons. I am also a model and have been in a few commercials. I have received bronze, silver and blue ribbon medals in ballet. I have taught ballet for about 17 years now and have trained off and on for many more years than that. I Have taken certificates of examination in ballet through the R. A. D. and performed in several ballets. To name a few: Peter and the wolf, Coppelia, Sleeping Beauty, Nut Cracker, and Manon. In 2013 I finished up an AA degree performing and choreographing through the college system. I have modeled for a very long time and took classes with Barbizon and Austin’s Professional Modeling school. I have also had acting classes in the past that I took with Chris Wilson’s school for actors. I have posted instructional videos and photos regarding ballet instruction, conditioning exercises, and fashion for over 3 years now online, this is a business. I also post other things for the enjoyment and the benefit of others, remember I have had modeling and acting classes too. 

I have five ballet instructional videos I have edited and prepared for digital sell. There is a 1st class level, 2nd, and 3rd that progress as such regarding the length and difficulty of the exercises. The 4th class I am providing is similar to the level of the 3rd class, the exercise combinations are just a bit different. The fifth class is a higher level then the other 4, because the combinations are longer and more complicated. I am also providing an Aero-Pilates class on the machine for sale as well.  The cost of the classes are $15 dollars a piece for  the 1st and 2nd ballet class and the Aero-Pilates class. The cost for the 3rd, 4th, & 5th ballet class will be $20 dollars a piece . If you click on the products Information & Store button it will take you to my products information & Store page and you will learn more about the class levels and be able to purchase one are all of the class sections.